Cyrille Imbert

Ph.D., 2008

Habilitation (HDR), 2019

Permanent researcher (2009)


Recent activities


– “Formal verification, scientific code, and the epistemological heterogeneity of computational science“, Philosophy of Science, with Vincent Ardourel, just accepted

– “Explaining Scientific Collaboration: a General Functional Account”, The British Journal of Philosophy of Science (with Thomas Boyer-Kassem).

– Proceedings of the SPS 2018 Congress ( “Theories and Data in the Big Data Era“).

Talks: “Computing Good Pseudo-Random Numbers: a Social and Cognitive Problem” (PSA, Nov. 2022)

Research project: CRISP (Addressing the Challenge of Research Integrity in Scientific Practices), 2021-2024

Teaching: (with Anna Zielinska) Master Densys (Decentralised smart ENergy SYStems).

Formal and Social Epistemology of Science Seminar. Videos available here