Recent activities


  • Coeditions of the proceedings of the SPS 2018 Congress with Isabelle Drouet and Maël Lemoine (theme: “Theories and Data in the Big Data Era”). More details here.

Recent news

  • From October 1, I’ll serve as a (permanent) Directeur de Recherche (Senior Researcher) at CNRS.
  • David Waszek has been hired as a post-doc in the framework of the Crisp project. We’ll investigate questions about research integrity by developing formal models of scientific communities.


  • Next talk: “Computing Good Pseudo-Random Numbers: a Social and Cognitive Problem”, Grande conférence des Archives Poincaré”, Nancy, 22 September 2021.
  • Last talk: “Reputational effets in oral decision-making: in praise of “adversorial” (balanced) voting procedures, “, Congrès de la SPS, 10 September 2021, Mons.

Research project:

The project CRISP (Addressing the Challenge of Research Integrity in Scientific Practices), 2021-2024, project leader: Stéphanie Ruphy) has just begun!

I am the coordinator for the Nancy partner (other coordinators: Anouk Barberousse (Paris), Olivier Leclerc (Saint Etienne), and Jérôme Michalon (Lyon).


I am delighted to start teaching this semester with my colleague Anna Zielinska within the Master Erasmus Mundus Densys (master degree program in the inter-disciplinary fields of Decentralised smart ENergy SYStems, which play an increasing role in the integration of renewable energy sources into the energy system and the ongoing transition towards a low carbon society).

Formal and Social Epistemology of Science Seminar

Videos are available here.