Presentation of my research

My research, in brief

I am a philosopher of science. I am specifically interested in analyzing the impact of general constraints, such as complexity or the limitation of resources, on the development of science and scientific activities like explaining or modeling.

Over the years, I have analyzed how much contemporary computational science, computational practices, or computational tools, in particular computer simulations, extend and reshape science, and modify how humans develop and relate to scientific knowledge.

More recently, I have started developing projects in social epistemology, for example, about the analysis of scientific collaboration or deliberative groups. In this context, I have started using the novel philosophical resources provided by the careful analysis of results drawn from computer simulation models.


  • Philosophy and epistemology of science: scientific models, scientific practices, thought experiments, scientific explanation, analysis of epistemic constraints, scientific integrity
  • Computational science and contemporary computational practices: simulations, issues related to AI and massive data, epistemology of code, resource and complexity theory
  • Social epistemology (non-formal and formal): scientific collaboration, deliberative practices in groups; epistemic and scientific dynamics; modeling and multi-agent models

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