Under minor revision. “Gradualité des activités et pertinence explicative: concepts et applications”.

In this (long) paper, I offer different precise concepts that may be used to describe the graduality of activities, in particular epistemic ones. Then, I apply these concepts to the case of explanation and the fulfillment of the criterion of explanatory relevance. The paper is in French. It was presented at a workshop about graduality in epistemology that was held at Collège de France.

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  • Formal verification, scientific code, and the epistemological heterogeneity of computational science“, Philosophy of Science, with Vincent Ardourel, in press
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Under minor revision

  • “Gradualité des activités et pertinence explicative: concepts et applications”.


  • à paraître, traduction et commentaire de “Social Empiricism” (Miriam Solomon) pour l’Anthologie d’Epistémologie Sociale, éditée par Denis Bonnay et Henri Galinon, Vrin, collection textes-clés


  • à paraître, Recension de l’ouvrage de Vincent Ardourel intitulé « Du calcul sur ordinateur à la mécanique discrète » (Paris : Vrin, Mathesis, 2018, 240), Revue d’Histoire des Sciences

Working papers (with stable versions, available on request)

“Realism about the complexity of physical systems without realist commitments to their scientific representations: How to get the advantages of theft without honest toil”

“Simulations versus Experiments: from Epistemic Opacity to Epistemic Roles and Physically Relevant Information”

“On the Epistemology of Explanatory (Ir)relevance or, Who is Afraid of Irrelevancies?”

(with Vincent Ardourel and Anouk Barberousse): “Inferential power, formalisms, and scientific models”

(with Julie Jebeile) “Transparency, nuclear activities and democratic decisions”

“Kitcher’s unification account of explanation and the problem of intrascientific relevance”

Unpublished research manuscripts

  • « Connaître avec des simulations : nouveauté des pratiques, transformation des contraintes, et évolution des rôles scientifiques » (manuscript d’habilitation, 300 pages, December 2019). I am currently working on the publication in book form of this manuscript. I plan to make an English version in the future.
  • « L’opacité intrinsèque des phénomènes. Théories connues, phénomènes difficiles à expliquer et limites de la science » (PhD manuscript, 2008)
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