Social and Formal Epistemology Seminar

Together with Thomas Boyer-Kassem, Isabelle Drouet, and Cédric Paternotte, we felt the need some three years ago to create a research seminar in formal and social epistemology in France to structure in more depth this field of research, which is locally still in its infancy.

We try to invite scholars from both the national and international communities. We also use the seminar to develop interactions with scholars from close relevant fields that analyze the same objects as epistemologists.

Students, be they undergrads or graduate students, are particularly welcome.

Videos of the seminar are available here.

Our next speaker is David Chavalarias (CAMS, EHESS, Paris, France), who will give a talk with title ““Modéliser la part collective de l’évolution des sciences : le jeu Nobel”.

Inscription ici :

  • 2021-2022 program

– 28 September 2021: David Chavalarias (CAMS, EHESS, Paris, France)

– 12 October 12, 2021: Justin Bruner (University of Arizona)

– 7 December 7 2021: Maya Goldenberg (University of Guelph)

Upcoming confirmed speakers in 2022 (dates under discussion)

– Baptiste Bedessem (Università Ca’Foscari, Venezia))

– Quassim Cassam (University of Warwick)

– Caileen O’Connor (University of California, Irvine)

– Michael Strevens (New York University)

  • 2020-2021 program

– 14 October 2020: Floriana Gargiulo (GEMASS, Paris). “Gender inequality can emerge even without explicit discriminatory mechanisms”.

– 25 November 2020: Julie Jebeile (Université de Berne, Suisse). “L’objectivité du GIEC”.

– 13 January 2021: Marcus Pivato (Cergy Paris Université). “New directions in belief aggregation”

– 10 March 2021: Stephen John (University of Cambridge). “Testimony, rationality and vaccine, hesitancy”.

– 7 April 2021: Brad Wray (Aarhus University). “The Epistemic Significance of the Size of Research Teams”

– 30 June 2021: Aidan Lyon (University of Amsterdam). cancelled.

  • 2019-2020 program

– 6 novembre 2019 : Dunja Šešelja (TU Eindhoven). “Can computational methods be of use to integrated history and philosophy of science?”

– 27 novembre 2019 : Igor Douven (Paris, CNRS, SND). “Mis- and Disinformation in a Bounded Confidence Model (with Rainer Hegselmann)”.

– 22 janvier 2020 : Mikaël Cozic (Université Paris 12, IHPST, ENS). “Weighted Averaging andTestimonial Updates Model” (with Denis Bonnay).

– 4 mars 2020 : Liam Kofi Bright (London School of Economics). “Scientific Conclusions Need Not Be Accurate, Justified, or Believed by their Authors” (with Haixin Dang).

– 6 mai (cancelled) : Aidan Lyon (University of Amsterdam)

– 17 juin (cancelled) : Stephen John (University of Cambridge)

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